Powered by a wing sail turning balanced by the wind forces. Ideal for unmanned operation and providing up to 15 times larger lift than drag and smaller drag than a mast

Minimum drag and optimal navigation stability from a wing shaped cage

Dimensions of scale 1:2 prototype:

40 meter long

25 wide

12 m Cage depth

20 m Sail height

280 m2 Sail area

2.500 m3 Cage



Navigating the ship with a balanced rudder

Topped by a satellite antenna connecting to the internet anywhere. Remote controlled via a smartphone with output to feeding the fish, turning the sail and the rudder and input from video and sensors. Powered by PV, small wind turbine and backed up by battery

Lower ring filled with wet mixed gravel in order to move centre of gavity below center of boyance for semi submerged stability. This gravel can be pumped out before taking the ship ashore in order to reduce weight

Submerged in stormy weather by filling ballast tanks reducing the movements in 15 meter waves to only 30 cm and reducing the exposed sail area to 1/3. Ballast tanks also compensate for consumed fish food, and growing buoyant seaweed.


Minimised value chain - easy assembly


  • The components are lifted from a rack container,
  • Assembled with termoplastic welding
  • Unfolding when lifted with a crane
  • Launched when lifted into the water
  • Counter weighted by concrete filled into the keel
  • And sailing away


Simple as that


Test program documenting

  • That out ship sails under full control like a sailing boat, also when submerged in storms
  • That the autopilot aboard can control settings of sail and rudder in all weather
  • That the platform has stability in all operation phases
  • That the submersion reduce cage movements like calculated to less than 2% of the waveheight
  • That the production process is as simple and fast as described above




















Anne Charlotte Jakobsen +45-20130125 a@sailing-sea-farm.com

Feeding the fish automatically within a compressed air bubble and bringing one month food supply.


Cleaning the cage and removing dead fish with industrial robot circling the central keel

Disruptive technology

Wind powered, submersible unmanned ship