2/3 of the earth is covered by oceans

  • We have a developed a 4.0 technology to farm it, even in hurricanes
  • And we have patents pending on this invention
  • Our Seaweed drone is a ship and ships are admitted unrestricted within exclusive economic zones


Optimized automatic production

We compete on fresh high quality seaweed grown in areas without polution brought fresh to a EU port

  • Produced where growth conditions are optimal
  • Produced where growth season is longest
  • Migrating to optimal locations during the year
  • Frequent harvests increase output
  • Automatic monitoring of cultivation, nutrition, light and health

Cost reduction

  • No crew at sea
  • No maintenance at sea
  • No seeding at sea
  • No harvest at sea
  • No fuel consumption

We have an “IKEA” solution

  • A low cost kit
  • Made from durable materials
  • Delivered in a few containers
  • With only 3 moveable parts
  • Assembled from a few components with a truck crane













An assembly kit in contaiers

To the left the components are stacked in a 40 feet ship container, the left one is pipes and net and the right one is sail and keel/rudder. The entire 20000 m2 unit is composed from 11 sail trailers and 10 pipe/net cntainers. The extruded keels/rudders are connected with the sail and to the connection pipe by ball bearings and servos. The keel/rudder and sail can turn providing propulsion and manouverbility. The seaweed grows on both sides of the net


There is already a 3 million tons high end market

  • But it can be scaled to 300 million tons Asparogopsis
  • Inhibiting greenhouse gasses from cows
  • Substituting antibiotics in farming Tested by CSIRO in Australia


We have five 10+ billion dollars revenue companies just wait for our deliveries

  • DLG Vitfoss
  • Arla
  • Danish Crown
  • 999
  • Cargill


We have a lean business model

  • Building 20 units for 50 M DKK
  • Setting up a 24/7/365 service centre
  • Seeding the units at the service centre in the harbour
  • Harvesting every month in harbour


The ultimate CSR investment

  • Slowing global warming
  • Saving the rain forest
  • Providing food for a growing population
  • Cleaning the ocean from excess fertilizing


Already the first 20 units will be profitable

Our production is competetive on the 3 million tons health food, sushi and functional market.


20 units with 10 nets each 2.000 m2 = 400.000 m2 , costing 50 million DKK

Capital cost 15% depreciated over 10 year 7.500.000 DKK/y

Seedling growth 4.000.000 DKK/y

Seeding the net 600.000 DKK/y

Harvesting the net every month 600.000 DKK/y

Remote control and service centre, 4 persons, 24/7/365 service 2.500.000 DKK/y

Maintenance of 20 units 5% 2.500.000 DKK/y

Overhead 30% 5.130.000 DKK/y

Total cost 23.010.000 DKK/y


Break even cost depending of production / m2 (wet weight seaweed)

50 kg/m2 x 20 units x 20.000 m2 = 20 million kg 1,15 DKK/kg

20 kg/m2 x 20 units x 20.000 m2 = 8 million kg 2,88 DKK/kg

10 kg/m2 x 20 units x 20.000 m2 = 8 million kg 5,75 DKK/kg


Porphyra, for sushi, 1,7 million tons/y market 21 DKK/kg

Undaria for Wakameseaweed salad, 1,6 millioner tons/y market 14 DKK/kg

Asparagopsis, substituting penicillin, health salad and cosmetics. 100 tons/y 40 DKK/kg


Economy of scale

When we reach mass production and economy of scale we can compete on the larger and less profitble market further down this list

  1. Health food and cosmetics
  2. Sushi
  3. Methane inhibitors and antibiotic
  4. Agar
  5. Feed for cattle, chicken, pigs and fish
  6. Biofuel


We are on the market within 2 years

  • 3 month design and simulation phase
  • 3 month building phase
  • 3 month test in DK
  • 12 month seaweed test in subtropical waters


Test program documenting

  • That our seaweed ship can sail around 3 kn in 5 m/s wind, which is average wind relevant oceans
  • What the optimal frequence of harvest is, most likely a few month
  • That optimal production is keep cutting the same plant for years rather than starting over
  • That we can harvest with available harvest technology
  • That we can grow 50 kg/m2 Asparagopsis
  • That the submersion system protects the seaweed even in hurricanes



Anne Charlotte Jakobsen +45-20130125 a@sailing-sea-farm.com


Harbour mode Hurricane mode Production mode


Unlimitd high quality seaweed reducing global warmig