Freedom to grow

  • No licence cost
  • Sailing is a UN protected right even within exclusive economic zones














Open pen salmon farm SSF. The upper right blue area is OPEX savings


-50% CAPEX, -27% OPEX

  • Imagine what happens if you are first mover …and what happens if you are not
  • Production increased from 8 to 12 month
  • Minimizing sea lice infections
  • Farming where growth conditions are optimal
  • Migrating to optimal locations during the year
  • Automatic monitoring of cultivation, nutrition and health
  • Delivery of fresh fish for “Put and Take” at the city harbor front

Cost reduction

  • No licenses required
  • No crew at sea
  • No maintenance at sea
  • No harvest at sea
  • No well boat
  • No fuel consumption
  • Lower investment


No fuel cost

  • A unmanned sailing ship
  • Moved by wing sail and powered by wind turbine
  • Safely submerged below the waves


Autonomous and remote controlled

  • Solving environmental issues
  • Far away from coast and rivers Submerged below lice
  • This ship comprises a special combined compressed air bubble and an automatic feeding system containing the food within the bubble thus saving food. An industrial robot circle the cylindric keel cleaning the cage and removing dead fish. The ship return to the base every month to reload the food storage or is refilled a sea with a system similar to oil tanker buoys and aircrafts refueling in the air


No crew cost

  • Fully automated
  • Feeding the fish automatically
  • Cleaning the cage and removing dead fish with robot Artificial Intelligence surveillance of fish







Safety first

  • Protected in a semi closed cage with a flow of water below the lice level
  • All systems are double or triple redundant
  • The ship is designed to navigate in hurricanes
  • Fish can be rescued by transfer to nearby unit. Just like the salmon can be pumped into a boat from a stationary cage and just like the feed is pumped from a barge to a cage. The only addition is a buoy trailing our ship for an easy pick up


We take the risk

  • You can lease our self navigating salmon cage
  • With a service agreement
  • And 24/7 control centre service
  • All you need to do is to load the smolt and unload and sell the fish


We have an “IKEA” solution

  • A low cost kit
  • Made from durable materials
  • Delivered in a few containers
  • With only 3 moveable parts
  • Assembled from a few components with a truck crane


Already the first units will be profitable

  • Our price can compete and still make profit
  • We don’t need construction docks or shipyards The construction is unfolded like a bottle ship

We are on the market within 2 years

  • 3 month design and simulation phase
  • 3 month building phase
  • 6 month test in without fish
  • 12 month test with fish


Test program documenting

  • That our ship can sail around 2 kn in 10 m/s wind, which is average wind speed in North Atlantic
  • That the movements of the cage is within the same boundaries as contemporary fish cages
  • That the automatic feeding system saves food
  • That salmon production is similar or larger than contemporary fish cages



Anne Charlotte Jakobsen +45-20130125 -

OPEX savings




Well boat









400.000 €

Unlimited salmon

No license for ships, no fuel, no crew, -50% CAPEX, -27% OPEX