Just before reaching the school of fish the front of our ships opens to catch it - and right after is closes again


Imagine a net sailing without fishing boat, crew or fuel

  • We have developed it !
  • Hunting in groups like killer whales
  • Using group sonar with 50 km range
  • .. and we have patents pending on this invention


We can’t change the quotas

  • But we cut out the middle men
  • Sell fresh swimming fish put and take in cities and get a better price


-90% CAPEX, -45% OPEX

  • No boat
  • No crew
  • No fuel
  • No propeller noise Imagine what happens if you are first mover …and what happens if you are not


All you need to do is to unload and sell the fish

  • We take the risk
  • You can lease our self navigating net
  • With a service agreement
  • And 24/7 control centre service


We have an “IKEA” solution

  • A low cost kit
  • Made from durable materials
  • Delivered in a few containers
  • With only 3 moveable parts
  • Assembled from a few components with a truck crane


Distance to Antartica doesn’t matter

  • Because the control unit doesn’t need salary, plane ticket, food, drink or fuel


Already the first units will be profitable

  • Our price can compete and still make profit
  • We don’t need building docks or shipyards
  • The construction is unfolded like a bottle ship


Ocean Acoustic Waveguiding Remote Sensing

This new sonar technology change wave band and separates transmitter and receiver and place a large number of receivers next to each other. This way an area of many thousand km2 can be covered. This is interesting because one of our drones can carry the transmitter while other drones can carry the receivers along the edge of the net and they are all connceted via satellite. Together each pair of drones can map 50 x 50 km and 5 drones together can map 100 x 100 km, 18 drones 200 x 200 km and soon cover the North Sea.


Swarm hunting

A number of drones can hunt fish together like the killer whales does. They can intelligently encircle the prey, and this way increase their catch. They can also enhance the range of sonar by sailing in matrix formations adding the range of each sonar and even sweep an area. This swarm of drones can also return to a mothership, transfer their catch to it, and start hunting again remote controlled from the mothership.


We are on the market within one year

  • 3 month design and simulation phase
  • 3 month building phase
  • 6 month test in DK


Test program documenting

  • That our ship can sail around 4 kn in 10 m/s wind, which is average wind speed in North Atlantic
  • It can catch up with fish swimming a max of 10 times their length pr. sec. School fish swim in circles
  • That school of fish are mainly down to 25 meters where we can catch them
  • We can find the fish and head straight on them with above new sonar technology



Anne Charlotte Jakobsen +45-20130125 a@sailing-sea-farm.com


Self sailing net

Saving boat, crew and fuel

300.000 €