Salmon drone Fishery drone Seaweed drone

We are a start up developing a disruptive unmanned vehicle for growth

  • An exponential business, growing seafood in the oceans and using it to reduce global warming
  • Disruptive automated industry 4.0 and sustainable technology saving investment, staff and fuel
  • Submerging beneath the storms, finding optimal locations and avoiding parasites and pollution


To keep up with the growth in population and green house emissions our business is scalable.

  • Build from high volume industrial components
  • Unfolding from a shipping container anywhere
  • Assembled and maintained by local service providers
  • Financed by a leasing company
  • Navigated and operated remote controlled from a global control centre
  • Franchiced buiness supporting local vendors
  • Continiously improved by our R&D centre in collaboration with our stakeholders

We plan a test program documenting

  1. Design in simulations, material test, small scale test, proof of concept models
  2. Ocean performance of 50% size model tested in 10 meter waves
  3. Test of the salmon, fishery and seaweed technologies
  4. Test production of salmon and seaweed
  5. Production ramp up


Organisation structure

  • Sailing Sea farm is the holding company with IP rights
  • 3 subsidaries are established to develop products for the salmon, seaweed and fishery markets


We plan to deliver a commercial product within the next 1-3 years.

  • The first 3 phases are planned to be financed from R&D funding,
  • Phase 4 is expected to be funded from market introduction funding
  • Phase 5 is expected to be funded by investors.




Sailing Sea Farm IVS


Anne Charlotte Jakobsen,

Developer of innovative business, fundraising for gazelle start ups, the largest passing a billion DKK




Anne Charlotte Jakobsen +45-20130125

Patent pending

Sailing Sea Farm

Disruptive unmanned ship for scalable seafood growth

No crew, no fuel, no logistics, saving 30% OPEX